World of Arden

Pre-Game History

Arden Game Log

Since I have only one player (thanks Alain) right now, we decided to play his characters time leading up to where I wanted to start the game. He decides to play a monk and I made a character to play with him who is also a monk.

Cast of Characters

Jonathon – male human monk

Thomas – male human monk

A little history:

Robert Crane was an elderly ex-knight who had seen his fair share of conflicts in his life. He never really thought he was an ex anything but he did know his adventuring days were far behind him. He had been granted lands by the White Witch for an especially dangerous mission he and his friends had completed for her. He decided to settle the lands and built a modest manor house. Two of his companion came and join Robert when the manor was completed. The first is Ned Cocker a veteran soldier and Roberts’s closest friend. Ned is full of life but a bit on the ornery side. He always seems to have a story or two to tell. He was a soldier’s soldier. Robert other companion is an old Island named Dairu. Dairu is an honorable man and is loyal to a fault. His Islander ways never seem out of place within the manor.

Robert never wed and had no formal heirs but within the manor he has never felt alone and he treated all within the manor as his family. Robert and his friends have also help to protect the few other that had sought to make the small valley their home. The closest village is Drift. Drift is more a weight station for travelers who made their way south. It does provide things the manor cannot produce on its own.

One stormy night the manor changed forever. While Old Gurn was throwing out some old wash water she had heard some crying out in the torrent rain. She looked out and saw a little boy carrying and even younger one. She quickly got the boys out of the rain and dried off. Both boys seem healthy and without injury and when the younger was dried off he stopped crying. The boys were very different from each other with one having a fair complexion and the other being much darker. They did share a common trait in that they both had striking sliver-grey eyes. Neither boy seems to know where they were or could say where they were from. Neither spoke common but the older one spoke a language no one in the manor knew. The only possession found on them was a book in a language no one understood.

The boys quickly were assimilated into the manor’s life. They were the little lords of the house. The younger they named Jonathon and the older they named Thomas. Robert and his companion took up the boy’s schooling and basic training to stay alive in the harsh environment of the north. Jon enjoyed the outdoors were Tom was happy reading from Roberts vast library. Tom found that he was the only one able to read the book that was found on them when they first came to the manor. The book described techniques of a way of life and weapon training much different than the martial training Robert or Ned had to offer. Both boys were very curious and began to teach them self the training describe in the book. Ned was skeptical of the boys train until Jon started sparing with Ned. Ned was impressed and encouraged the boys with only a little teasing about their unarmed styles.



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