World of Arden

Session Two

Game Session Two

Note: I am making a change to the ending of this session and will be going over the encounters again in our next meeting. I did not like they way they came out and it was my fault in their delivery.

The Group



Zhaid Marque-Noir



Big Grey

Zhaid was on a journey north to sell a buyer some information. He had been given a commission to discover the location of a fellow by the name of Ellis Dale. After finding the location he was to travel north and meet with a man called Neeven Pal in the village of Drift. He discovered the Ellis’ location and headed north. Marut was a long ways from Drift and Zhaid had been traveling for a few weeks when he came across some travelers camped off to the side of the road. They were arguing over a map. They didn’t even notice Zhaid until Zhaid spoke up and said he was pretty good with maps. Jonathan, Thomas and Sarana all turn from their discussion and look at the man riding a mule who had muttered something at them. Zhaid stated again that he was very good with maps and asked to take a look at it. Jonathan wanted nothing more than to discover what ever he could of the map and went up to Zhaid and show him the map tell him it was a map of the Temple of Shadow and it had time marking on the route and strange symbols that no one could make out. Zhaid had heard the tales of the Temple of Shadow and knew it was a place of great speculation. He knew of no one that had found its exact location. He looked at the map and saw the same time marking as everyone else but he thought that the symbol were somehow tied to one of the gods and that they were written in a language of a race that lived below the ground. He could make no more of the map then that. Jonathan thanked him for his help and offers Zhaid a job helping the group find the Temple. Jonathan offers him 20gp if he will help. Zhaid thinks about it for a moment but said he has business in Drift he has to attend to first. Thomas asked who he was meeting in Drift saying he and his bother Jonathan were from the area and might know the person. Zhaid says he is meeting a man called Neeven. After saying Neeven name Zhaid hears from across the camp a muffled moan. He looked across the camp and sees a large wolf lying near the camp’s fire and emerge from behind its bulk a little goblin girl rubbing sleep from her eyes. She looked up at Zhaid and says meeting with him is going to be hard. She looks down at the ground and says sadly that Nee died a couple of days ago and he was my friend. Zhaid says oh and then turns to Jonathan and tells him he accepts his offer if he will throw in a party share of any loot found and could he please have the 20gp up front. Jonathan agrees and Zhaid joins the party.

Later on in the evening the group sees a heavily armed group emerge on the road heading north. When they get close they are recognized as Phoenix Guardsmen from the city of Kars. Zhaid tells the group that these guardsmen make up the bulk of the occupying forces in Marut from Kars. Also in the group are four Scourge Priests. The leader of the vanguard stops by the group’s camp and asks them of the road ahead and if there is any news from the north. The group is a little slow to respond more for shock than anything else and this seems to anger the soldier a bit. He finally gets the information he seeks and moves the vanguard forward. Later after the vanguard could no longer be seen both Heart and Big Grey step out of the woods. Until their appearance most of the group had not even noticed them missing.

The next day the group travels south where they discover the path they are following is also the path the Phoenix Guard used to emerge on the road. They take the path and head into the wilds. They travel two days and discover a burnt out settler’s home. The group examines the shell of the home and finds the doors were barred from the outside and they find four dead body amongst the house burned timber. As the search goes on the party hears a disembodied voice yelling you have return to do more harm. Before they can react they hear a screaming voice yelling you will die for what you did and they are attacked by a blue skinned wight. The wight dies quickly but during the battle Zhaid cast several force bolts. Sarana names Zhaid a spy of the magus and wants to kick him out of the group. She states he could only be working for a magus and he could never be trusted. Zhaid explains that he was self taught in magic and that Sarana has it all wrong. He goes on to say he didn’t want this kind of reaction and wants to keep his magic hidden so others do not judge him before they know him. The group calms Sarana down after Zhaid explanation. They search the home and find a few coins. They leave the rest of the house untouched.

Several days later the group comes to impassable terrain where their map says to go through. There is a time mark at this point in the map and the group waits. The time passes by with no new way to follow the map. Both Thomas and Zhaid reexamine the map and Zhaid discovers the symbols are to the goddess Luna and that they are moon marking. He thinks the next occurrence will be in two nights. The group waits and sure enough a path appears at the given time. The group uses the map with their new knowledge and reaches a set of stairs after a weeks travel. The stairs seem to traverse up the steep mountain. The horses are left behind with Big Grey protecting them and the group heads up to where the map indicates the Temple is.

Here ends the second session…



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