Big Grey

Old shaggy toothless worg


Male Worg*

STR 16, Dex 12, Con 16, INT 12, Wis 15, CHR 10

AC 16 (dex, size, nat), HP 52, INIT 5, SPD 30

FORT 7 [5], REFL 6 [5], WILL 5 [2]

CMB 10, CMD 21 (25 vs trip)

Skills: 4 Stealth +6 if in snow, 12 Perception, 6 Survival

Feats/Class: Improve Init, Run, Darkvision, Scent, Low Light, Skill Focus – Perception

8 Bite d6+5 and trip 20[x2]


Old Grey appears to be the most laziest of animal to be put on Arden. He lack any energy and likes to lie around camp like some old hunting dog. But Grey is no hunting dog, he is eight feet long and weighs close to 400 pound. Even his weight is deceptive as he is all skin and bones. His shaggy white fur is falling out in patches and he is missing a tooth or two. Behind his pale blue eyes you can see a great spark of intelligence. He is Heart’s faithful friend and she seems to love him dearly. Grey is old but that doesn’t stop him from protecting Heart when she needs it.

Big Grey

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