World of Arden

Session Two

Game Session Two

Note: I am making a change to the ending of this session and will be going over the encounters again in our next meeting. I did not like they way they came out and it was my fault in their delivery.

The Group



Zhaid Marque-Noir



Big Grey

Zhaid was on a journey north to sell a buyer some information. He had been given a commission to discover the location of a fellow by the name of Ellis Dale. After finding the location he was to travel north and meet with a man called Neeven Pal in the village of Drift. He discovered the Ellis’ location and headed north. Marut was a long ways from Drift and Zhaid had been traveling for a few weeks when he came across some travelers camped off to the side of the road. They were arguing over a map. They didn’t even notice Zhaid until Zhaid spoke up and said he was pretty good with maps. Jonathan, Thomas and Sarana all turn from their discussion and look at the man riding a mule who had muttered something at them. Zhaid stated again that he was very good with maps and asked to take a look at it. Jonathan wanted nothing more than to discover what ever he could of the map and went up to Zhaid and show him the map tell him it was a map of the Temple of Shadow and it had time marking on the route and strange symbols that no one could make out. Zhaid had heard the tales of the Temple of Shadow and knew it was a place of great speculation. He knew of no one that had found its exact location. He looked at the map and saw the same time marking as everyone else but he thought that the symbol were somehow tied to one of the gods and that they were written in a language of a race that lived below the ground. He could make no more of the map then that. Jonathan thanked him for his help and offers Zhaid a job helping the group find the Temple. Jonathan offers him 20gp if he will help. Zhaid thinks about it for a moment but said he has business in Drift he has to attend to first. Thomas asked who he was meeting in Drift saying he and his bother Jonathan were from the area and might know the person. Zhaid says he is meeting a man called Neeven. After saying Neeven name Zhaid hears from across the camp a muffled moan. He looked across the camp and sees a large wolf lying near the camp’s fire and emerge from behind its bulk a little goblin girl rubbing sleep from her eyes. She looked up at Zhaid and says meeting with him is going to be hard. She looks down at the ground and says sadly that Nee died a couple of days ago and he was my friend. Zhaid says oh and then turns to Jonathan and tells him he accepts his offer if he will throw in a party share of any loot found and could he please have the 20gp up front. Jonathan agrees and Zhaid joins the party.

Later on in the evening the group sees a heavily armed group emerge on the road heading north. When they get close they are recognized as Phoenix Guardsmen from the city of Kars. Zhaid tells the group that these guardsmen make up the bulk of the occupying forces in Marut from Kars. Also in the group are four Scourge Priests. The leader of the vanguard stops by the group’s camp and asks them of the road ahead and if there is any news from the north. The group is a little slow to respond more for shock than anything else and this seems to anger the soldier a bit. He finally gets the information he seeks and moves the vanguard forward. Later after the vanguard could no longer be seen both Heart and Big Grey step out of the woods. Until their appearance most of the group had not even noticed them missing.

The next day the group travels south where they discover the path they are following is also the path the Phoenix Guard used to emerge on the road. They take the path and head into the wilds. They travel two days and discover a burnt out settler’s home. The group examines the shell of the home and finds the doors were barred from the outside and they find four dead body amongst the house burned timber. As the search goes on the party hears a disembodied voice yelling you have return to do more harm. Before they can react they hear a screaming voice yelling you will die for what you did and they are attacked by a blue skinned wight. The wight dies quickly but during the battle Zhaid cast several force bolts. Sarana names Zhaid a spy of the magus and wants to kick him out of the group. She states he could only be working for a magus and he could never be trusted. Zhaid explains that he was self taught in magic and that Sarana has it all wrong. He goes on to say he didn’t want this kind of reaction and wants to keep his magic hidden so others do not judge him before they know him. The group calms Sarana down after Zhaid explanation. They search the home and find a few coins. They leave the rest of the house untouched.

Several days later the group comes to impassable terrain where their map says to go through. There is a time mark at this point in the map and the group waits. The time passes by with no new way to follow the map. Both Thomas and Zhaid reexamine the map and Zhaid discovers the symbols are to the goddess Luna and that they are moon marking. He thinks the next occurrence will be in two nights. The group waits and sure enough a path appears at the given time. The group uses the map with their new knowledge and reaches a set of stairs after a weeks travel. The stairs seem to traverse up the steep mountain. The horses are left behind with Big Grey protecting them and the group heads up to where the map indicates the Temple is.

Here ends the second session…

Session One

Session One




Jonathan and Thomas are working in the manor’s library, Jonathan on his martial skills and Thomas on his academic pursuits. Jonathan takes a break and picks up a picture book. As he is looking through the pages he finds an old musty map. The map appears to mark the location to the temple of shadows and there is a trail mark out with times listed at various spots. Jonathan has never heard of the temple and after show the map to Thomas he has nothing he can add about it. The two show the map around to others in the manor and find out the following.

1) The Temple of Shadow is a legendary place and has never been found.

2) The Temple is said to house a great shadow creature

3) The map shows an area of the mountain SE of Drift.

The young men decided to wait on the map and head out to find out information on a winter tiger that Jonathan heard about. The tiger is said to be helping people in the valley. Its last report was near Drift where it fought off a group of wolfs helping some wash women from the village. They tell everyone their plan and head to drift to take up the search. They travel to midday and find a small trail hidden leading off into the wilds. There are tracks on the ground that look like large paw prints. Both youth decided to take a look down the trail. They travel not to far and find a dead human lying in a small clearing. Jonathan jumps off his horse and inspects the body. The man has had his throat ripped open. Thomas dismounts and inspects the area in the clearing. They find the following items and facts.

1) The body has been dead for a day or two

2) He is dress in forest green leathers

3) His cloak clasp is made of gold and has the initials NR [Jonathan takes this]

4) He carried a small baton and elongates to a quarterstaff and can be shrunk back to it baton size [Jonathan takes this]

5) He carried a small white metal device resembling a hand crossbow but parts are missing from it and he carries no bolts [ Thomas takes this]

6) He carried a small necklace with a clear elongated star crystal [Jonathan takes this]

7) Thomas finds a scorch mark on a tree and suggests magic was its cause.

They bury the body and Thomas suggests headed back. Jonathan wants to push on and Thomas finally agrees and the two push forward. The two travel for another hour and are cresting a hill where they see at the bottom on a path a very large wolf. The wolf is looking away but suddenly senses something and whirls it large head and face the two young men. Jonathan acting on instinct demounted his horse and readies the dead man’s quarterstaff. The worg [as the two would come to know the beast] charges up the hill but cannot quite get to Jonathan. Thomas finally gets off his horse next to the beast and tries a quick stunning punch. He hits the worg soundly but fails to stun it. Jonathan tries also to stun the worg but fails to hit. The worg turns and bites at Thomas striking him in the side and almost knocking him off his feet. Fighting through the pain Thomas strikes out again and hits the worg but for little damage. Jonathan moves to get in a better position but again fails to hit the creature. The worg again tries to bite Thomas rending more of his side and taking him off his feet. Thomas falls unconscious at the beast feet. Jonathan ready him self and again strikes at the creature but fail to land a solid blow with his quarterstaff. The worg stalks Jonathan eyeing him with some intelligence it wants to takes his meal and run but decides two meals would be even better. He leaps at Jonathan but watches as he dodges his bite at the last moment. Jonathan had been waiting for such an attack and flurries with his quarterstaff connecting with both attacks. The worg head craves in with bones crunching and drops to the ground dead. Thomas stabilizes and Jonathan gets him tied on a horse. Jonathan is going to look around when he see another worg heading over a ridge with a pair of rabbits in his mouth. He quickly mounts his horse and heads back to the manor.

Jonathan arrives late to the manor and the staff sees to Thomas. Jonathan explains the events that lead up to Thomas’ injuries to Robert, Ned and Dairu. They all listen quietly and reassure Jonathan that everything will be alright. They ask about the man and Ned mention see another man wearing either the necklace that Jonathan shows or one similar to it. He only remembers see the man at the final battle in Odessa. Thomas awakens the next day and finds Jonathan sitting at his side actually reading the book. They talk about the battle and Jonathan convinces him that they should return when Thomas is feeling better. A couple of days pass and the boys head out.

They travel to the battle site and find a small trail that runs around the hill and over looks the area were the two battled. They see more of the other worg’s tracks but there are no remains from the fallen worg they killed. As they are leaving they hear a little giggling but can find no one around. They travel back to the manor and report to Robert and Ned their finding. They decide to search for the Temple of Shadow and over the next days pack up the items they feel they will need on the travel. They decide to travel to Drift and find a scout and see if they can acquire any more information. Jonathan sells the cloak clasp to Robert for 7pp and 30gp which is more than Jonathan thought it was worth. They say their good byes to both Ned and Robert but they find that Dairu had left to help a settler family in the valley.

They arrive in Drift without instance and as they are heading to the one inn they see a large orc being thrown out its front door. He picks himself off the muddy lane and turns back and shouts curse at a woman standing in the doorway. The woman stands 5’ 8” and is covered in wolf pelts. She carries a large blade over her shoulder and looks like she was not happy with the orc at all. They exchange a few more words in orc when Jonathan suggests to the orc that he should just move on, probably better for everyone. The orc grunts a little and trots off down the lane toward the hotel. The Woman returns to the inn and the young lads follow her in. After a short conversation and Jonathan being thrown out of the inn by his breeches the two get the woman to join them in their search for the Temple. She only wanted a meal and part of any plunder found. They discover her name is Sarana and that she might hate orcs even more than Ned.

The group heads out the next day and over the next couple of day begins to warm up to each other. Sarana argues that the map show only impassable terrain and she cannot make sense of any of the writing or symbols. During the night the group is attacked by two goblins and a worg that the group thinks is the mate to the one they have already killed. This worg just looks bigger. A short battle is fought were Sarana proves her worth by cleaving off the head of the worg. Jonathan chases after one of the fleeing goblin and hears its death screech from behind a tree. He rounds the tree and sees a little goblin woman wiping her blade on the dead goblin. She introduces herself as Heart and mentions that she has been following them ever since they killed the first worg. When introduced to Sarana there is mention something about killing more goblins but the misunderstanding is quickly remedied. Heart mentions the man killed in the clearing was her friend Nee. She couldn’t really help him against two worgs and he died protecting her. She goes on to say that Nee was going to train her to be a Nexus Ranger. A big old white worg comes walking out of the woods and curled him self around the fire. With shocked looks from everyone else Heart goes and curls herself up to the beast and with a little giggle says that this is her friend Big Grey.

The end the first session…

Pre-Game History

Arden Game Log

Since I have only one player (thanks Alain) right now, we decided to play his characters time leading up to where I wanted to start the game. He decides to play a monk and I made a character to play with him who is also a monk.

Cast of Characters

Jonathon – male human monk

Thomas – male human monk

A little history:

Robert Crane was an elderly ex-knight who had seen his fair share of conflicts in his life. He never really thought he was an ex anything but he did know his adventuring days were far behind him. He had been granted lands by the White Witch for an especially dangerous mission he and his friends had completed for her. He decided to settle the lands and built a modest manor house. Two of his companion came and join Robert when the manor was completed. The first is Ned Cocker a veteran soldier and Roberts’s closest friend. Ned is full of life but a bit on the ornery side. He always seems to have a story or two to tell. He was a soldier’s soldier. Robert other companion is an old Island named Dairu. Dairu is an honorable man and is loyal to a fault. His Islander ways never seem out of place within the manor.

Robert never wed and had no formal heirs but within the manor he has never felt alone and he treated all within the manor as his family. Robert and his friends have also help to protect the few other that had sought to make the small valley their home. The closest village is Drift. Drift is more a weight station for travelers who made their way south. It does provide things the manor cannot produce on its own.

One stormy night the manor changed forever. While Old Gurn was throwing out some old wash water she had heard some crying out in the torrent rain. She looked out and saw a little boy carrying and even younger one. She quickly got the boys out of the rain and dried off. Both boys seem healthy and without injury and when the younger was dried off he stopped crying. The boys were very different from each other with one having a fair complexion and the other being much darker. They did share a common trait in that they both had striking sliver-grey eyes. Neither boy seems to know where they were or could say where they were from. Neither spoke common but the older one spoke a language no one in the manor knew. The only possession found on them was a book in a language no one understood.

The boys quickly were assimilated into the manor’s life. They were the little lords of the house. The younger they named Jonathon and the older they named Thomas. Robert and his companion took up the boy’s schooling and basic training to stay alive in the harsh environment of the north. Jon enjoyed the outdoors were Tom was happy reading from Roberts vast library. Tom found that he was the only one able to read the book that was found on them when they first came to the manor. The book described techniques of a way of life and weapon training much different than the martial training Robert or Ned had to offer. Both boys were very curious and began to teach them self the training describe in the book. Ned was skeptical of the boys train until Jon started sparing with Ned. Ned was impressed and encouraged the boys with only a little teasing about their unarmed styles.


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